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CD/DVD & Game Disc Wizard Box - 160 CD/DVD Storage System




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System requirement: 
Windows XP, Windows Vista

The XINIX Disc Wizard Box helps you to store, retrieve and protect all of your optical discs Including CD, DVD, Blue Ray, HD DVD, data CD/DVD and game disc in a simple and smart way. It can also help you to store and retrieve small flat items such as, credit cards, passports and other important items. XINIX Disc Wizard Box comes with powerful Disc Wizard Box Master management software which allows you to build a database of all of your discs and items with simple search options.

Searching for your CD, DVD, game discs and items has never been easier! Simply search the stored database by name, keyword, description or date to find any disc or item and within seconds Disc Wizard Box will display the location number of the CD, DVD or game disc stored on the LED display. The drawer location light will direct you to one of the storage drawers which contains the desired CD, DVD or game disc or item. You can also browse the disc and items’ photo which was scanned and stored in the database for a total control of CD, DVD and game disc management. 

Privacy option allows you to store and retrieve designated CD/DVD discs and items in privacy mode to ensure your privacy. The security lock system provides maximum security for your personal item's protection.

XINIX Disc Wizard Box can handle up to 160 CD/DVD or game discs in one unit. Each Disc Wizard Box can link up to a total of 127 units via USB hubs (not included) which allows you to store and manage up to total of 20,320 CD/DVD or game discs and items!


  • Store up to 160 CD/DVD or game discs or flat Items;
  • LED display and location indicator light;
  • Unique design for space saving;
  • User friendly management software;
  • Security key lock, Hydraulic drawers;
  • USB powered, simple operation;
  • Stackable up to 127 units via USB Hubs (Not included) for total control of 20,320 CD/DVD discs or items.

Dimensions: 13.75”W X 8.25”D X 6.75”H


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